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Management consultancy

I have been active in implementation consultancy since 1998. I specialise in changing the behaviour of your employees, thus improving the productivity and efficiency of your processes.

Through an analysis period of a few days to a few weeks, I look for the improvement potential of your processes. This concerns the flow of your operational processes (horizontal) and the effectiveness of your information system and consultation structure (vertical). After this, I present you with a project proposal with an operational plan of approach and an expected financial result of my efforts, ROI.

I specialise in guiding your organisation and your people towards the proposed improvements and in training them to maintain this in the long term. So it is not only my investment in time, your organisation will also have to spend a lot of time on your project. This is the only way the changes are secured and remain so.

Project management

Since 2001, I have also focused on project management, both with the support of our own project managers, project staff, project staff from our clients and a combination of these. I have led up to 5 projects at a time, focusing on stakeholder management and coaching the project managers on site. I have a large network of organisation specialists and project managers through which I can help you with all possible challenges.